3 Ways to Use Your 3-D Glasses Outside of the Theater

It seems like every week Hollywood releases yet another 3D movie. 3D technology has come a long way from the old days where we had to wear those cheap red and blue glasses. The new RealD 3D glasses used in most movie theaters are extremely well made and give viewers a great 3D experience. Although many people decide to throw these glasses in the recycle bin after the film is over, there are many ways you can make use of these 3D glasses in your own homes. In this article, we’ll take a look at three popular ways people make good use of their 3D glasses long after the actual film is done.

Before we get into our list, however, we must mention that 3D glasses are no substitute for real sunglasses. While these new RealD 3D glasses may help you stop squinting from the sun’s rays, they generally offer no UV protection. Always wear real sunglasses that are certified to protect your eyes from UV rays.

1. For 3D Movies And Games At Home

Certain TV brands are compatible with RealD 3D glasses. For example, LG makes a few TV monitors that are equipped to handle 3D movies compatible with ReadD lenses. This means you can take your 3D glasses home with you and use them to watch 3D programing on your LED or LCD TV. A few of the models that currently accept 3D technology include the LG 65LB7100 and the LG 65UF8500 TVs. There are also a few computer monitors that are 3D equipped as well. While you may already have one or two glasses included with your 3D TV or monitor, it never hurts to have a few more free glasses in the home. Be sure to enquire with manufacturers to find out what TVs and computers currently have 3D capabilities. Even if you find out you can’t use your 3D glasses on your TV, you can still save them and bring them with you to future 3D movies.

2. Donate To Arts & Crafts Departments

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to directly help your community. If you can, why not take your 3D glasses to a local school or arts & crafts club? There’s plenty of ways these departments can use 3D glasses in future projects. This is a great way to get involved with your local school system. Or, if you are artsy yourself, you can use these 3D glasses for your own art projects.

3. Save Them For Halloween

It’s never too early to plan for Halloween costumes. If you have kids in the home, you might be able to use these 3D glasses in their outfits somehow. Just pop out the 3D lenses and you’ve got a pair of glasses for scientists, little Buddy Hollies, or even a nerdy pirate. Just pop out one lens for a weird and wonderful pair of “patch-eyed glasses.” Get fun and creative with these glasses. The possibilities are literally endless.

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