5 Ways Brain Training Can Help Improve Your Child’s Focus

There is nothing more frustrating than having a child whose inability to focus prevents them from succeeding. Trying to find ways to improve your child’s focus can compound that frustration and strain the child’s sense of self. These 5 brain training techniques will help improve your child’s focus and their life.

1. Move It and Shake It
Kids need to be able to move, run and play. This helps to stimulate their brain while shaking off the stress of having to sit still in school all day. 30 minutes of playtime before sitting down to do homework will help them release energy and get through the rest of their day.

2. Relax and Breathe
As the kids get older, the amount of homework they bring home everyday can grow exponentially. Let your child take breaks while doing their homework. This allows their brain to relax for a minute while also training their minds that when they sit down at the table it’s time to focus.

3. Concentration Games
If your child has difficulty focusing long enough to remember and execute a list of instructions try playing concentration games. Electronic memory games are a great way to help your kids build memory skills while having fun. These games can be fast which will help keep their interest but they will have to remember the instructions given to them to be able to keep playing.

4. Cut the Cords
Cell phones, televisions, video games and computer screens can all be a huge distraction to a child’s mind when they are trying to focus. Try turning off all noise and sight distractions while your child is concentrating on a task such as homework, reading or completing a chore. This will help train their brain to recognize when it’s time to focus versus when it’s time to play.

5. Task List
A great way to help older kids take responsibility for themselves and their focus issues is to use a task list or sticky notes. Have them make a list of everything they need to get done. Every time they complete a task they get to mark it off the list and then take a short break to eat a snack or get a drink. If your child is more visual in nature, write each of their tasks on a separate sticky note. Every time the complete a task they get to remove the note and take a short break. They will be able to quickly see that the more they focus the faster their task sticky notes dwindle.

Helping a child with focus issues doesn’t have to be the fight of your life. Use these simple tricks and you will begin to see a difference in how your children respond, not only to the tasks at hand, but to the world around them.

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