6 Vintage Furniture Pieces to Have in Your Home

One of the great things about purchasing vintage furniture is that you have so many eras and styles to choose from. You’ll never have to worry about getting a design that you don’t like because there’s always something out there that will catch your eye.

One of the other great things about vintage furniture is that you know that no one else is going to have the same items as you! When it comes to shopping for specific items, have a look at the following list. These are must-haves for any vintage inspired home.

1. A Grandfather Clock

Wouldn’t it be lovely to hear the clang of the clock at the hour? And what’s better than hearing those hourly calls from a classic grandfather clock. These huge pieces can make a room, and it’s a guarantee that one will never go out of style in your home.

2. A Record Player Unit

For music lovers, a classic record player is the perfect item to have in your home. An entire record player unit will have shelving for albums and a top or cupboard doors so that you can put the player away when you’re not using it and it won’t gather dust.

3. A Vintage Wooden Desk

Desks these days are often flimsy and disposable. Long ago, wooden desks were made of high-quality, thick wood and had lots of space on top with ample storage below. Having a high-quality vintage wooden desk makes doing work so much better.

4. A Classic Oak or Walnut Bookcase

If you love vintage furniture, you probably love old books as well. And there’s no better place to put your classic Jane Austen and Charles Dickens hardbacks than in a vintage bookcase. Choose one that stands out, and make sure it’s in a great wood, like oak or walnut.

5. A Matching Vanity and Seat With Mirror

For women who like to primp and pamper, having a large vanity is a must. Decades ago, a woman could sit at her vanity with matching mirror and seat and get everything done that she needed to. Why not try it instead of doing your makeup at the bathroom mirror every morning?

6. A Huge Dining Table

They just don’t make dining tables the way that they used to. Big tables of oak or walnut can pull an entire room together, and for this, you must have a vintage design to really drive it home. Look for matching chairs as well.

Vintage furniture may sometimes be slightly more expensive than something from a general department store these days, but you can be guaranteed that it’s going to last much longer and look much better in your home!

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