We are a group of bloggers and niche site business people who have all done that and bought the t shirt, the t shirt factory and finally blogged about owning it…Before it became trendy!

Eventually, we realized there was a huge demand from newbies looking to either monetize their blogs or start a niche site, who did not know the first thing about blogging.

Which is where we came in. To begin with, we found ourselves on various social media platforms offering our advice to all and sundry about the best way to launch various niches on the market.

And we still do this as well. Individually and collectively we do still give out tips on the best way to market your natural health niche, or your beach products site.

But now we actually write it all down and put it right here, in one valuable resource. We want to help as many people as possible to achieve the best that they can do with their site.

A lot of people wonder why we want to share the secrets of our success with the whole world, but the fact is, we believe that there is room for many others here.

It may seem like a crowded market at times, but we think there is space – there are a lot of websites, but there are a lot of products and niches out there!

Between us we have backgrounds spanning business and marketing, accountancy, web design, technology and leisure.

However, we believe it is possible even for complete beginners from other walks of life to make this work. One of our most successful niche site owners was in fact teacher for twenty five years and fit their website promotion into weekends and holidays for many months initially. Now they have given up teaching for full time blogging and web businesses. They earn three times the amount they did in the classroom, but it didn’t happen without a steep learning curve.

We hope you will learn from us and with us on our journey as we all need some help from our friends sometimes!