How to Look Like a Princess at Prom

Girls begin dreaming about prom as soon as they start high school, if not sooner. Prom is the big day when girls can dress up like a princess for an evening from head to toe, and you may already have the perfect vision in mind of how you want to look. However, you may be wondering if it is possibly to actually look as glamorous as you are dreaming about. The good news is that you can bring your dream to reality by following a few simple steps.

Shop Well In Advance
You cannot achieve the perfect princess look without the right ensemble, and this means that you need to start shopping right away. Think about shopping at stores where your friends may not shop, and this is because you do not want to show up in the same dress someone else is wearing. If possible, drive to another nearby city to shop for dresses there. Also, do not overlook the importance of shoes and jewelry to complement your dress. Consider looking in fashion magazines before you shop so that you have a better idea about the look you want to achieve, but be open to trying on a few different styles of dresses. This is because different styles may be more well-suited for your body shape than others.

Schedule Beauty Appointments
Prom princesses will look perfect from head to toe, and this means that you need to plan out your beauty regimen in advance. If you have shaky hands and do not trust yourself to do your nails, consider making an appointment with a salon for a manicure and pedicure on the morning of the event. If you are not known for creating stylish up-do’s, you may need to schedule an appointment for the afternoon before prom to get your hair done. After these two appointments, you will only have to do your makeup and slide into your dress and shoes.

Spend the Day Preparing
Prom is a big night, and you may want to plan on spending the entire day preparing. Take the full day off of work if possible. Do your homework the night before, and make no other plans for the day. Take a leisurely bath in the morning, and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. Plan on spending the day getting pampered at your hair and nail appointments before your date arrives to pick you up.

You understandably want to look your best for prom, and you may understandably be feeling stressed and anxious about the big day. As you can see, there is plenty that you can do beforehand to help you look your best and to take some of the stress out of the preparations.

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