How You Can Make Money Online In The Health Niche

There are two ways you may have come into the online health niche. Maybe, it was the result of calculating and realizing this is a highly profitable niche that you could carve up a piece of – which would be correct, but need to start from scratch. Or perhaps you already have a blog in some aspect of the online health niche and now wish to profit from

Either way, it is easier to monetize your site than you may think. Easier, but not a piece of cake. Not even carrot cake! However, with some hard work the rewards can be yours.

The crazy thing is, although on the surface of it people profess not to like adverts, they like recommendations. Nowhere does this apply more than in the sphere of health.

People are crying out for you, as a health blogger, to make a suggestion about something they can do in order to improve or maintain their health. All you have to do is make a suggestion. There are differing strategies in which you can achieve this.


Now, bear with us as we talk you through this one. We know that you probably are coming from a starting point of believing that all ads are the work of the devil, right?

But they are not. This is your site and therefore you are in charge of which adverts to place on there and which not to.

Naturally, you are not about to launch some seventh circle of hell pop up Armageddon upon your hapless readers. Of course not, you hand pick one or two, very specific adverts for products which your readers will actually appreciate.


If you are not already doing so, in order to monetize your niche site you should be doing or pointing towards reviews of relevant products or things.

Because your readers desperately want to know which health products they should be buying, which books they need to read and what foods they should be eating.


All you have to do is tell them! So if there’s a natural health e-book out on a hot topic, write a review of it for your site.

Being part of an affiliate program can help you make money from this. Alternatively you could also write paid for reviews and solicit this directly from the author or manufacturer of the book or product.


You already write a blog, which is being given away for free on your page. You may well be writing reviews of other people’s e-books. So why not write your own?

It may not be a huge leap to make an e-book out of already existing blog posts. They might only require a little tweaking to become an actual publication. Then you make it available for download at a small price on your site. Keep the emphasis on small fee though!

Yes, it’s unlikely to make it into the New York Times Bestseller lists, but as long as it makes into a few dollars in your purse, that’s a good beginning!

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