We have been marketing niche sites since before they became suddenly an overnight sensation. Between us, we have experience in most different areas – from the perennially popular health and alternative medicine niche to beauty, cosmetics and then again in food and drink. And far more than just that.

The web is full of snake oil salesmen claiming that you will get rich quick doing this scheme and that, which you will need to know nothing about and do next to nothing in order to profit from.

Well, they are full of bullshit. The fact is that in order to succeed in any niche, you will need to put the hours in. If you are not prepared to work at this, then walk away now.

To begin with, you will be spending hours researching your business and most probably hunched over a spreadsheet analyzing data. If you’re not interested in detail and facts and figures, once again, this is most probably not for you.

But if you’re starting to get disheartened, please don’t be. This is not rocket science, we are just trying to open your eyes to the fact that it is no cakewalk either.

At the beginning, it may seem like a lot of research and writing about things for zero return. To start with, you really won’t make a lot of money. It needs time and nurturing. But eventually it will grow, slowly, with perseverance.

Plugging away at search engine rankings can be lonely and demoralizing, but we promise that eventually it will get better. However, we are not going to pretend that it will net you millions, which is why generally most niche site owners have several sites that they promote and work on simultaneously.

Our aim is to get you to your niche site success, by giving you tips on how to grow your site slowly and carefully.

We never make fake promises about getting rich overnight.

Keep it here and keep it real.